Map of Glasriket’s Moose Park

Here is a PDF map of Glasriket’s Moose Park.

About the park

The Kingdom of Crystal Moose Park allows you to meet moose in their beautiful natural Småland habitat. A guided tour will take you into the moose enclosure on a safari trailer. There are always a number of moose inside our beautiful hilly safari enclosure. The tour starts near the moose shop.

When you arrive at the car park, you will see the shop straight ahead. Here you pay the admission fee or show your pre-booked ticket. You can also buy souvenirs and food in the moose shop. There are toilets located at the starting point of the safari tour inside the moose park. Take the opportunity to visit our fine alpacas in the pasture nearby. If you want to see more moose than those inside the safari enclosure you can follow the marked walking path to another moose enclosure with moose cows and their calves.

Visit our barbecue cottage and café if you want something to eat, or just want to sit down and relax. The barbecue cottage offers grilled moose sausage, moose burgers and other delicacies such as freshly prepared waffles. You can try your luck at fishing rainbow trout in our reservoir.