Guided moose safari in our Moose Park

En guidad älgsafariturYou will experience Europe’s largest land animal close up with our guided safari tour.


About this guided tour

At Glasriket’s Moose Park you can meet moose in their beautiful natural Småland habitat. A guided tour will take you into the enclosure with a tractor and trailer. Our guide drives you into the magnificent, hilly moose enclosure where you can meet the animals. Many find this an overwhelming experience, and you may have the chance to stroke and feed a moose.

What do moose eat?

Sometimes the moose are hungry just when visitors arrive on the safari trailer. In the Moose Park, we give the animals the natural food they love. Our guide will make sure you have some twigs to give to the moose. Their favourite food during the summer consists of foliage and twigs from willow, hazel, oak and birch. A fully-grown moose eats about 12-30 kg per day during the summer and about half this amount during the winter period. Moose are ruminants which means that they chew their food twice.

The moose safari guide

Our experienced safari guide has a great knowledge of moose but also knows a lot about the forest, hunting and nature in general. The guide provides information about moose during the safari tour and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. The guided tours are offered in Swedish and English. We can arrange a German-speaking guide if you book a group tour in advance.

The trailers

You will be sitting in a safe trailer with a roof and partially open sides during the safari tour. Poor weather is no hindrance and no special clothing is required. There is room for 16 persons per trailer and we run 3-4 trailers each tour.

Before and after the moose safari tour

Food and barbecue
Before and after the tour we sell freshly grilled moose sausages, moose burgers and moose pizza in our barbecue cottage. We also have icecream, freshly prepared waffles and more.
Fishing rainbow trout
Try your fishing luck in our reservoir with introduced rainbow trout.
Park map
You are welcome to take a tour and see what more our park has to offer.