Moose shop


You pay the entrance fee to the park in our moose shop where you can also buy souvenirs and local products. This is also where you pay if you want to eat.

Moose souvenirs

In our well-stocked shop you will find many different moose-themed souvenirs. We offer anything from sweet cuddly moose toys, moose mugs, bags, caps, t-shirts and socks, to kitchen utensils with a moose motif.


We sell moose antlers in various sizes.

Reindeer skin

Real reindeer skin from Lapland is available in our shop, in different colours and sizes.


We offer handmade knives of the highest quality from Karesuando.

Local produce in our moose shop

Moose sausage

We sell various types of moose sausage from Åkes in Tingsryd. We also have smoked moose meat, subject to availability.

Biscuits and toffee in moose-decorated tins.

Our shop offers beautiful biscuit tins and toffee tins with a moose motif “Dream of Sweden”, produced in Kalmar.

Heather honey

Hans Johansson in Ramsjö delivers heather honey from the moose-populated forests around Glasriket’s Moose Park.

Alpaca yarn

From our own alpacas we sell alpaca yarn. This wool has the alpaca’s natural colour and each ball of yarn is marked with the name of the animal the wool comes from.

Here is a selection of our souvenirs: