Accessibility in Glasriket’s Moose Park

It is important to us that all our visitors get the most out of their experience in the park. In our aim to make your visit as pleasant as possible, we continuously try to improve accessibility at Glasriket’s Moose Park.


There is a large car park – free of charge – for Glasriket’s Moose Park visitors.


A number of toilets, including a handicap toilet, are located inside Glasriket’s Moose Park near the moose shop.

Wash your hands

In order to protect you as well as our animals, we recommend that you wash your hands before and after you have been in contact with the animals. There is a wash-basin placed outside at the toilet building for this purpose.

Disability access

Glasriket’s Moose Park is suitable for persons with a disability, with easy access to the moose shop and barbecue cottage. We can accommodate one wheelchair per safari tour on our trailer. Our staff will help you use the special ramp to get in. Visitors with a disability do not need to book in advance. Simply let us know when you arrive and we will assist you. If you have difficulty walking you can drive all the way up to the entrance so that we can help you further onto the safari trailer.


Disability assistants and other escorts have free admission if they can attest their role.


It is not allowed to take dogs into the park as you will come very near the moose during the safari tour and we do not want to cause any stress or harm to either dogs, moose or visitors. There is a 1.5-km marked walking path outside the enclosure where you can walk your dog. You will find more information at the moose shop. Please remember to not leave your dog in a hot car!