Rainbow trout fishing in our reservoir

Fiska regnbågslax.Try your fishing luck in our reservoir with introduced rainbow trout. We continuously replenish with new fish during the season. The fish in our reservoir weigh between 0.8 and 3 kg.

Fishing permits

We sell fishing permits in our moose shop(länk). You may catch max 2 fish per permit.
Price: SEK 200 per person, max two fish.

Want to grill the fish you caught?

After a successful fishing adventure you can grill your catch in our barbecue cottage. It doesn’t get any fresher than this! Our moose shop sells herbs, spices and other things you may need for a good barbecue. Please ask and we will help you!

Fishing competition 2022

Who will be this year’s best fisherman in Glasriket’s Moose Park?

Have you experienced fishing luck in our park?

Send your photo and the weight of the fish you caught to info@glasriketsalgpark.se. Make sure the photo shows that the fish was caught in Glasriket’s Moose Park, preferably with our sign visible in the background as in the picture on this page. Don’t forget to include your contact details in the e-mail. We will announce the winner for 2022 on 15 September.

About rainbow trout

This species has many different names, such as “salmon trout”, “brown trout” or “golden trout”. Rainbow trout closely resembles salmon trout, but it can be recognized from a red stripe along its sides. Besides, the rainbow trout has spotted fins. A rainbow trout can weigh up to 15 kg and measure 80 cm. The colour of its flesh may vary from light brown to pink, red or almost white. Farmed rainbow trout is often introduced in Swedish waters and is a very popular fish to catch, partly due to its lively struggle once hooked.